Learn how annuities can help you achieve

  • Safe Growth, No Market Risk
  • Guaranteed Income For Life
  • Wealth Transfer to Heirs
  • Long-Term Care Benefits

The fiduciary difference

Our recommendations are 100% in your best interest

An annuity is RIGHT for you if:

An annuity is WRONG for you if:

  • You need to protect your money from market risks
  • You need a guaranteed income stream you won't outlive
  • You need to plan for long-term care costs
  • You have a pension that covers all retirement living expenses
  • You are looking for a riskier investment with higher returns
  • You are more than 15 years away from retirement

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What clients say

"After talking with several annuity sales people, I was very confused on which annuity was right for me.  The Annuity Association was able to understand my needs and help me determine the best annuity through a quick and simple process."
James W.
Hollywood, FL
"Annuity Association helped me increase my income by 19%."
Jane S.
Chicago, IL

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