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Annuity Association solves the major financial concerns facing retirees today.  With over 10,000 people retiring every day, we understand how important it is to make sure every person has a sound retirement plan.  From safe accumulation of assets, guaranteed income streams or legacy and long-term care planning, we can help solve the financial needs of retirees now and for the future.

Who Are We

An organization founded on the fiduciary standard of providing the best financial advice for the individuals and retirements we represent.

Our Mission

We are changing the annuity industry by bringing full transparency to the annuity buying process.  You need to know which type of annuity best suits you, how much to consider investing, and when to activate the income stream.  Lastly, you need to be truly aware of all of the annuities available to you on the market in order to select the right one.

What We Do

We build full financial retirement plans that mitigate the risks of retirement such as longevity and market risk by using annuities to provide safe accumulation, principal protection, guaranteed income for life, and more.  With bonds and other safe money instruments at historically low interest rates, our research proves a strong case that annuities should be strongly considered as an alternative for safe growth and income.

Our history

With over 30 years in the financial services industry, Annuity Association advisors use expertise, experience, and trust to bridge our relationships with clients.  The goal of AA is to help the client understand their retirement needs, educate them on how we build a plan using annuities to meet those needs to provide a safe, sound and smart retirement. 

Our 6-D process


Discover the individual financial retirement needs or potential concerns of every client.


Define the client’s financial inventory and goal objectives.


Design a full financial retirement plan that meets the client’s needs and goals.


Develop client’s understanding through education on how annuities fit into their financial retirement plan.


Deploy financial retirement plan into action.


Deliver an AA+ experience to build a lasting client relationship.

Why choose us?

The key to a happy retirement is knowing confidently that you won’t outlive your money.  At Annuity Association, we build a plan that will guarantee that your principal is protected against economic downturns in the market,  guarantee an income stream you won’t outlive, and more.

One of the major issues retirees face is losing some or all of their nest egg in the market due to bad economic environments and down markets.  Annuities provide 100% principal protection and allow for safe growth.

The foundation to an ever lasting retirement is income.  Annuities can provide a safe, guaranteed income stream that you won’t outlive.

Leaving a legacy behind that avoids probate and unnecessary taxation is key in retirement.  Learn how annuities can be the right vehicle for passing wealth to your heirs.

Annuities with living benefit riders can offer simple solutions for long-term care planning.

Our recommendations are in the best interest of our clients, not just ours.  Feel confident that the retirement plan we have designed is right for you.

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You've worked hard to save for your retirement. Now let's get the most out of it.

Find out how annuities can secure your retirement so you can get the most out of it.

A Better Annuity Buying Experience

Finding the right annuity has never been easier.  With access to every major insurance company in the U.S., Annuity Association brings the marketplace  directly to you.

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