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What experts say about annuities

“When it comes to choices you control, only an annuity guarantees that your income—or a portion of your income—will continue no matter how long you live.” – Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Tony Robbins

Philanthropist and Life Coach

“In today’s economic environment, where returns for “safe capital” are minuscule, Fixed Indexed Annuities can be a great alternative to other “safer money” financial instruments.”

Suze Orman

Financial Advice Guru

“If you don’t want to take risk but still want to play the stock market, a good index annuity might be right for you.”

School of Business

Top 5 Business School

“Indexed annuities outperform the S&P 500 67% of the time and a 50/50 mix 79% of the time over any 5-year period.”

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